Kenyon Glover
Motivational Speaker

Kenyon Glover knows firsthand how to strengthen the heart and mind and how to navigate the hearts of our youth and young adults. He will show them how to think more deeply about the invisible world of the heart, which moves them and affects every decision they make in life.

They will change their perspectives and gain new insights. They will learn to critically assess the state of their heart and their interaction with others on a daily basis. We can change the world, one youth and young adult at a time, by providing these “heart” tools. As their hearts are strengthened, they develop the ability to face and overcome all challenges.

As they overcome all challenges, they become more resilient, and begin to lead, inspire and empower others. Eventually, the chain of despair and hopelessness is broken, and a new cycle begins. It truly takes a village, and this is why we must collaborate. The real problem lies not in their difficulties, but in their inability to think deeply in the midst of their difficulties.

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